Unique Patterns Of Oushak Carpets

Decorate Your Home With The Perfect Oushak Carpet

Many people like to decorate the home with perfect carpets. In order to find the perfect carpet for you, take a look at oushak carpets, what kind of offer we have for you.

Oushak carpets are a type of Turkish rugs, named after the area where they were made. In this area there was a great influence of Persia so that many motifs are like on Persian carpets. These carpets are an inspiration for many designers and they are very happy to use them in their projects.

All carpets are handmade, and the material from which they are made are wool, silk, cotton and metal threads. The art of making these carpets is considered one of the best in the world. Their unique designs are perfect and can fit into many interiors.

Oushak Carpets

The sizes of the carpets are different, so you can find a suitable oushak carpet for every room. These carpets use natural materials that are dyed with natural vegetable dyes. That is why the colors are extremely gentle and give shine to every thread of this carpet. They are known for their silky shine and give any room exceptional warmth. The colors that can be found on these carpets are soft yellow, green, blue. Gray color is used in different shades, in order to achieve the separation of these beautiful and gentle colors. The end result is a magical blend of colors that brings warmth to any home. They are perfectly elegant and will give your home a touch of elegance.

The weaving of these carpets is the same as when they were first produced in the 15th century. This business is passed down from generation to generation and that is why there are many families in this area of Turkey that still produce oushak carpets today.

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