Koncert på Fiskedag

Fish Festival in Thyborøn

Photo: Visitvestjylland

Don’t miss out on the Fish Festival in Thyborøn August 1. 2020

If you are looking for a genuine West Jutlandic event, where the sea, fish, culture and entertainment combine to an unforgettable experience, you should visit the Fish Festival in Thyborøn August 1st 2020.

The Fish Festival is the time of year where the entire family gathers, samples the fish, and enjoys the atmosphere and the great music. Here are loads of children’s activities. They can catch crabs, go sledging on the ice, and play on the big bouncy castle. This Year there will be even more activities for the children.

The music is, among others, delivered by the local band “Tørfisk”, Denmark’s oldest boyband, who without a doubt are Thyborøn’s most famous sons. You can also experience Thyborøn´s newest Boyband “the Grandfætters”, who will entertain you with their own songs. These sons of Thyborøn are been shaped by the strong powers of the Scandinavian nature and the sea.

 As it is tradition, you can also join in on the fish auctions, where you can bid on freshly-caught fish, or make a bargain by the many stalls and in the local shops. Buy your ticket for the Saturday’s celebrations, including delicious samples of fish dishes and live music by Tørfisk and The Grandfætters, online or by the entrance on the day.