The North Sea

Photo: Lillian Marie Dyhr

The North Sea is both a large playground and a large workplace

Most of the country’s food fish is caught here and landed in Thyborøn Harbour. The sea is at the same time a wild playground for surfers, yachtsmen and bathers who are advised to have respect for the sea and the current.

The North Sea did already exist for 350 million years ago. Later the sea has gone through many changes. The shifting of the North Sea’s basin happened in the tertiary period. Only after the last Ice Age for about 10000 years ago did the sea get its current shape. The sea is still changing dynamically. The water level is on average raised 33 cm per century the last 7500 years. The last 100 years the water level is raised 20 to 25 cm. During the last Ice Ages the North Sea was several times covered with ice. During the warm interglacial period large parts of today’s coastline was flooded.