Fishing license

Photo: Visitvestjylland

Information about the national fishing license and the fishing license day passes for creeks and streams.


National Fishing license

All anglers between the ages of 18 and 65 must have a valid national fishing license in order to fish in Danish fishing waters. Children under the age of 18 and pensioners are allowed to fish without the fishing license. However, they must bring ID that proves their age. The only exception to the requirement for national fishing permits are the put-and-take lakes.

You must acquire the fishing license before you begin fishing, and the sign must be valid for the period during which you are fishing. The fishery inspection periodically takes samples, and if your fishing license is not correct, you will be fined. The money raised by the state for the sale of the fishing license is 100% spent on releases and research in modern fish care.

National Fishing license can be purchased at Buus El in Lemvig or online at

Fishing license - Day card

If you want to fish in streams, you will in most cases need an additional fishing license, a day card. It can be purchased online here.